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Charities mission is to develop the spirit of caring and sharing at the workplace. We do this by providing employers and employees with efficient, effective, low-cost workplace charitable giving campaigns; offering a broad range of charity choices that reflect the diversity of the American people; and providing member charities with the financial resources required to meet human service needs.. Charitable in Leicester, Leicester Businesses Finder, Charitable Business Directory of Leicester, Leicester Businesses listing, online Charitable business opportunities, Business Finder Leicester, Leicester Business Directory, business, Charitable Businesses, Construction Businesses, Tourism Directory. The Living Streets initiative is a clear and urgent challenge to the authorities who, for decades, have allowed traffic priorities to overwhelm our local streets and public places, and failed to keep them clean and safe.It is also a challenge to you - the person who wants to use your local streets freely and without fear, who wants to win back the public spaces from litter and vandalism and to reach local services with ease, not as someone whose family must always come second to cars and lorries.The Living Streets initiative is a nationwide - ongoing - campaign to win back the streets for everybody.Everybody is the key word here! Because even cyclists and motorists walk for part of their journeys. We all have local streets and local community areas that should belong to all of us, but somehow don't any more.The Living Streets Manifesto is the battle plan to make the places we want to walk and spend time in become something more than traffic corridors or hang-outs for vandals or criminals. It can be done and the action starts right here and now.At last - a campaign to make your local streets worth living in - worth strolling, meeting, shopping, sitting or relaxing in.At last - a campaign to keep them clean, bright and safe for young and old, in village, town and city. A campaign that is a wake-up call for the silent majority of UK families.