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Golf Clubs and Courses

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  Scrabo Golf Club Newtownards  
  Killymoon Golf Club Cookstown  
  Armagh Golf Club Armagh  
  Fintona Golf Club Omagh  




























Activity Days - An exciting mix of unusual, action packed activities with something to entertain all your guests, even the less active ones! A great way to spend a day getting to know your clients! After an introduction and safety briefing by the event manager, teams rotate round the activities chosen to fit your guest profile and venue. This event is normally run as a light-hearted competition with a Champagne prize for the winners and humorous prizes for the most deserving guests of the day. Our team of instructors and event managers are friendly and supportive, making every effort to ensure that your guests have a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoy the activities that you have chosen. The Activity Day works well as either a half or full day. For a full day you would typically practice in the morning and compete in the afternoon, for a half day we score as you go. There are lots of activities to chose from, however here are some of the favourites: Chuckle Buggies
These twin engine, single seater buggies are hilarious fun. Guests negotiate the slalom course using the skid control - no steering wheel just like driving a mini tank. The most fun that you can have with twin engines and 6 wheels.
Abseil Tower - Guests are fitted with harness, helmet and gloves before ascending to the top of the tower. They then attempt their SAS style descent back to ground level. This activity gives each participant a real buzz and sense of personal achievement. Attached to a safety line at all times, guests are perfectly safe and secure. Points/cash are awarded for each descent completed, up to the maximum (which is the number of team members). This ensures that there is no rush during the activity, but that each team member has the opportunity to abseil at least once.
Laser Clay Shoot - Teams compete on a variety of clays, firing five at a time. Although the clays and guns look like the real thing, there is no danger and no recoil. The guns actually fire a laser beam at the clay and if you hit it, the laser is reflected straight back to the gun, which detects the 'hit' and sends a radio signal to the scoreboard. All you have to do is pull the trigger - and shoot straight!
Honda Pilots - These 400cc, single-seater, dune buggies are great fun. Once you are behind the wheel, strapped in with a four-point safety harness and surrounded by a full protective roll-cage, you can fly off around the course at whatever speed suits you. Capable of 70 mph, these easy-to-operate vehicles have an accelerator and brake controls mounted on the wheel - no fiddly gears to distract you as you slide around the bends and roar down the straights.
Quad Bikes - These 250cc off-road monsters, with their chunky tyres and automatic gear-box are suited to all types of terrain. A tortuous course will test the abilities of both the rider and the vehicle as you churn through the slalom and hurtle between the rally-stage 'gates'.
Archery - Guests will have the opportunity to fire standard bows, Longbow and Recurve Bows. These graceful, yet deadly, weapons are easy to use and under sympathetic coaching, every guest should be hitting the target by the end of the practice session, in readiness for the competition.